Fearlessness and Perseverance: The Significance Strength

by Deanna Poitras

I push, I pull, I dig and I do. I achieve, I change, and I take charge. I can make a difference and get others to achieve their potential too. I have a solid character and a soft heart. I am a leader and I am not afraid to stand out in front and take risks. I aim to achieve and aim to please.

– Deanna Poitras

The significance strength is all about confidence and pride. Those with significance demonstrates professionalism, success, and credibility, as well as, hard work, passion, and independence. THAT’S ME!

I fulfill commitments. I maintain high expectations of others and myself. I take risks. I allow myself to feel proud of my strengths and accomplishments while accepting any challenges and defeats that come my way.

I seek out ways to steadily improve, be it, as a leader of an organisation or as a person.

I push to complete tasks that will eventually act as a model for others. I allow others to see that to be significant also means allowing others to see that in reaching for further achievements also means learning from potential mistakes. Being an achiever does not equal being infallible. It means not being afraid to step back and learn from my mistakes.

This strength allows me to “stick to my guns” or follow through with what I believe and my passion;  I am a product of French Immersion, working in French Immersion and being challenged every day living and working in an Anglophone community. It doesn’t get more challenging than that. When decisions are made, based on research and experience, and changes are required from the decisions made, there is always resistance. This strength keeps me from becoming drawn in by resistance. It allows me to take the time to sit back and see how I might be able to carry on the French traditions and build capacity within our French community.

My strength of significance will ensure that those I am called to help and support will get help and support. I will see that through.

This strength does not always allow me to be fully appreciative of efforts that don’t “measure up” and I may push others too hard and lack in compassion. My strength can be intimidating and also let others feel that I would prefer to work or achieve alone…..NOT THE CASE….. I believe in my abilities and I am not afraid to share.

People with this strength are who you want on your team! They make a difference! I believe that my contributions to our TEAM have been helpful and appreciated and that is what I want.

Significance: Leaving a Legacy

“You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid. No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.”

– Matthew 5:14-16 NRSVCE

Significance is an influencing theme. Those whose strength is significance are driven to do good works for others so that they can produce lasting, important change. Teachers with the significance strength believe in a better future for their students and they are compelled to help create it. The significance strength signals action toward a life well lived and improved for others.

Those with the significance strength have a desire to never disappoint. They work hard to make others trust in them and believe in them. This character and conviction leads to passion. The desire to be viewed as credible and professional pushes those with the significant strength to stand out as a result of their good work. Often independent, the significance strength helps to ensure that meaningful, lasting goals are set and achieved. And, when they aren’t, the significance strength helps individuals to persevere.

Legacy does not have to be about wealth and materialism. It is about a life well lived and creating something important to be left for others. Living for others through the gift of time and talent can create lasting memories, important change, and eternal commitment to what matters most. This intrinsic desire is what propels those with significance. They are goal oriented but recognize that they cannot achieve their goals on their own. They seek a trustworthy network and have a knack for finding other influential individuals. Their intuition is valuable – they are authentic and they recognize authenticity. When others begin to weary or wane, the individual with the significance strength propels them forward toward excellence.

As mentioned earlier, teachers with the significance strength are committed to helping students create a better future. This serves them well as decision makers when planning for the most powerful learning experiences and the most authentic assessment.

Students with the significance strength benefit from projects that connect directly to immediate and long-term impact on their own lives. They appreciate knowing why things work and how they can be improved. They enjoy talking about the potential outcomes and can be counted on to get the work done. Helping these students to clearly identify what they value and believe will help them to achieve goals that will serve them throughout their lives and help them to leave their own legacy.