Self-Assurance: Trusting in God with All Your Heart

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Easter Triduum begins tomorrow. It is, without doubt, the most bittersweet few days of our liturgical year as we journey with Christ through sorrow and suffering before the joy and glory of His resurrection.

Internal certainty in the midst of external uncertainty is the hallmark of Self-Assurance. It enables individuals with this Influencing theme to trust in God with all their heart. Their predilection to follow their instincts exudes confidence that can be simultaneously admired or feared by others.

The Self-assurance theme is apparent leading up to the Passion of Christ. Christ asked, “Who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves?” (Luke 22.27, Living with Christ Sunday Missal, 2018, p.275) He knew that he would be called on to serve through intense anguish and pain, and an excruciating, prolonged death. Yet, he had the confidence and faith to face it rather than flee. This self-assurance is what intimidated those who called for Christ’s crucifixion. Jesus championed the poor, the needy, the imprisoned, and the weak. He spoke his truth and stood up to others for others. He offered forgiveness, compassion, and direction. He stayed the course and in doing so, he saved us all!