Command: The Protector and Advocate

CCO Public Domain

Gallup research indicates that Command is the least likely theme to show up in one’s Top Five. In fact, it wasn’t present in the top five for any teachers in Light of Christ Catholic Schools. The Command theme is from the influencing domain. Those with Command know when to take charge and do so with ease. Their ability to lead and have others follow appears effortless. They are often the voice or advocate for others to say what needs to be said. This can help to further a cause or help others to see things a different way.

Albert L. Winseman, who is a Senior Learning and Development Consultant at Gallup, says that those with Command can both positively inspire and intimidate; they can inspire individuals or a team to do things they never thought themselves capable of, and they can intimidate those who threaten their families, colleagues, or team. This protective nature is attractive to others because they know that the leader with Command “has their back”. Like a mama bear lovingly playing with her cubs, Command also fiercely protects them from harm. Jesus is like our mama bear.

This Sunday marks Passion (Palm) Sunday. In discussing Luke’s Gospel reading for this weekend, Johanne Brownrigg reminds us that Christ “took his place in humble service. He took his place being counted among the wicked, losing all his social standing. He took his place interceding for us, then in undergoing scurrilous insults. He took his place in being convicted while innocent… For God so loved the world that God gave all. For you.” (Johanne Brownrigg, Living with Christ Sunday Missal, 2018, p. 267) Even though suffering, Jesus still served others. In his service, he both protected and advocated for all of us. Someone recently described Jesus to me by saying that Jesus was ‘down with’ everyone even the criminals. He was, as
Jim Collison and Maika Leibbrandt of Gallup say, socially brave. Consider the parables of the lost sheep, the prodigal son, the good Samaritan, the rich man and the beggar; all helped us to see that we need to ‘step up’ and ‘get down’ so that we can defend the overlooked and downtrodden. The positive attributes associated with the Command strength are something we can all learn from. Just a Christ will rise up again, so too should we rise up to gratefully, humbly, and confidently protect and advocate for others.