Competition: Growth, Improvement & Innovation

Competition is a means of measuring and comparing performance. It is dependent on other people participating which is why the competition theme is from the influencing domain. Individuals with the competition strength count on others to push performance and improve outcomes. They inspire others to strive for more and greater results. This pursuit of excellence can be contagious and motivating. It is essential for continuous improvement in the classroom or in any organization.

Those who are truly high in the competition theme want to and like to win. They might enjoy a friendly competition but they generally don’t compete for fun and might even avoid tasks if they don’t believe they can win. For this reason, encouraging them to identify daily measures of success will help them to stay motivated, engaged, and seeking the win. Like the achiever who enjoys crossing things off a list, the competitor enjoys accomplishing task to improve performance and can help others to do the same.

In the classroom, this teacher becomes a good coach who is capable of helping everyone experience success. This teacher ensures that all learners understand well and perform at high levels. This teacher will work with each learner to make sure that the whole class triumphs. For this reason, high stakes assessment or performance tasks don’t intimidate this teacher. S/he can be counted on to rise to the challenge and prepare students.

Students high in the competitive strength are driven to be the best. As a result, they benefit from learning how to set appropriate goals and how to determine what is most important. Developing strategies and tools to deal with disappointment, to motivate others without judgment, and to persist in the face of defeat are key to ensuring that the competitive strength is used to create a culture of excellence rather than an environment of judgement and demands. In athletics, this is know as sportsmanship but in the classroom or other contexts it’s about developing a virtuous character to inspire and boost others in order to grow, improve, and innovate.