“Only by changing education can we change the world.”

– Pope Francis

In the Address of His Holiness Pope Francis to Members of the “Gravissimun Educationis” of June 25, 2018, we are reminded that, “only by changing education can we change the world.” This hopeful belief in education to inspire youth and determine the future illustrates attributes of the Futuristic theme.

Futuristic is a strategic thinking theme. Individuals with the Futuristic theme helps others to understand what’s to come because they constantly imagine possibilities and inspire others to dream along with them. Because they are energized by eventuality, the Futuristic person can minimize ambiguity and anxiety about what is to come. They are, most often, clear about the details and what it will take to achieve their vision.

In the school, Futuristic staff members can be counted on to use data to plan for the future, develop new curriculum, sit on planning committees, and use technology and other resources in meaningful ways. There optimism and joy in doing so helps to encourage colleagues to do the same.

Students whose strength is Futuristic might need assistance to develop patience since their goal setting and ‘get it done’ nature can lead to difficulty in group tasks when others don’t keep up or meet their commitments. Helping Futuristic students to talk about the future and communicate what they see by building vocabulary for their vision and understanding will assist them to know how to deliver their ideas and messages effectively.

When you need someone to help create change for the better, involve someone Futuristic!