Remember the deepest desire of the human heart is to belong … to be welcomed … to know you are seen and worthy of kindness.

Rachel Macy Stafford

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Can you be that one friend? Like the Includer theme, the Individualization theme talents allow for deep, unique connection. When I first read this blog post, I thought about those whose strengths include Individualization. This post is is a familiar experience for many of us. As summer approaches, we must remind ourselves that it can be a lonely time for many. I hope that this article ” Am I invisible? One mom’s pain-relieving response to being excluded” helps you to extend connection and kindness to those who need it this summer.

Rachel Macy Stafford is the bestselling author of three books: HANDS FREE MAMA, HANDS FREE LIFE, and ONLY LOVE TODAY. She is a certified special education teacher who helps people overcome distraction and perfection to live better and love more. For more: