No Junk Here

By Andrea Sparrow, Guest Blogger

God doesn’t make junk. It is as simple as that. Strength, gifts, talents… these are the things that God has given each and everyone of us. A strength, attributes that you have that allow you to do well in something. A gift is something that you give to others or something that is given to you. A talent is something you are good at or excel in. Each one of these words we use interchangeably.

In this Sunday’s gospel John tells Jesus that someone is performing miracles in your name and we tried to stop him! Jesus said do not stop them because anyone that does something good in my name is with us and not against us. Jesus goes on to tell the apostles to use their strengths for love and they will be rewarded.

At school you are asked to think about your strengths, in job interviews you are asked what your strengths are. We as society look at a person’s strengths but also their challenges or sometimes people call them their weaknesses or drawbacks. I actually feel that society focuses on a person’s challenges more so then a person’s strengths.

I often hear from students, “I can’t, I’m not good at that, I suck, or I have no talents” Focused in the negative. Even in the media it brings peoples challenges to the fore front. However, like I said before God doesn’t make junk. God knew our name and us before we were an idea or a yearning. God molded, shaped and sculpt each and every one of us in his image. He spent time developing each and every one of us and our STRENGTHS. God knew your story and gave you strengths to use in your life journey to be a witness and messenger of love, peace and God’s will.  When God gave us life he did not make challenges or weaknesses. God gave us strengths, we all have different ones. Some people are empathetic, some are communicative, some people are analytical or harmonious and some people are full of woo.

God made us all different and gave certain people certain strengths because he knew that there would be someone in our life that will compliment us, work with us and for us in areas that we are not as strong in. God didn’t make junk, he has a very detailed and deliberate plan on what we are strong in and who in our life is strong in other areas. God wants us to share our strengths with others, to celebrate them and honor them. It is when we do this we are spreading God’s love and message. Even if you feel you do not believe in God or maybe are not sure God loves you and is waiting. He fills with pride and joy each time we use our strengths for good. Even if you do not believe you cannot go wrong in life by using your strengths, God works in mysterious ways. God believes in us, believe in yourself, use your strengths and believe in Him. Remember Jesus loves you.