People of Possibility

People exceptionally talented in the Includer theme accept others. They show awareness of those who feel left out and make an effort to include them.

– Gallup Inc.
Leonardo da Vinci [Public domain] – Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever arrived a little late only to find that all the chairs were taken? Did anyone welcome you? Did anyone get you a chair? Chances are, that this person had Includer as one of their top strengths. Includers crave diversity through new and fresh perspectives. They want to build strong teams and they do so by inviting others to contribute. Jesus’ apostles were a mixed bag of personalities and capabilities but Christ welcomed them because of their varied talents and perspectives. They were people of possibility.

In the Day 18 Lenten Reflection by Matthew Kelly (Dynamic Catholic, the Holy Spirit is described as the great encourager. Kelly says, “we are called to be filled with the Spirit, and we are called to be great encouragers in other people’s lives. We’re called to be great encouragers in situations and in circumstances and in conversations.” The Holy Spirit lives within us to create incredible moments and memorable experiences just like Jesus knew that the apostles could and would. Includers strive to do this. They want everyone to have a chair at the table so that the Holy Spirit can work within everyone to learn, grow, contribute, and bring into being the best possible plan.

Includers are relationship builders. They do not like feeling left out so they will go out of their way to ensure that others don’t either. Teachers who are includers make colleagues and students feel like they belong. They are great peer mentors and ambassadors for the school. Students who are includers, might be more sensitive to others who they perceive to be left out or might be easily hurt if they feel left out. Involve these students in opportunites such as new student orientation days and school open houses.

Includers have a sincere belief in and need for greater diversity in the group. As a result, includers have a high degree of tolerance for differences in opinion and can be extremely helpful in finding the right people or for communicating between teams.

People of possibility believe in the greatness of others. Includers are people of possibility. Invite them in so that everyone is welcomed and feels valued.

Watch the Day 18 “The Great Encourager” video by Dynamic Catholic to learn more about creating holy moments in your life. 

Time and Patience Leads to Outcomes!

– by Callie Combres

“Consider not what others are, but as far as you can what through you they may become.”

~ William of St. Thierry

As a developer, I love team work and working for a common goal. I see others potential and can see their capacity to change, grow and develop for the better. When working as a team and sharing our talents, we can reach our goal and grow as individuals. This growth takes time and patience, but the outcome is worth it!

Success, Growth and Potential = Fuel

by Caralynn Gidych

Developer is for being driven by your talents to create up close and personal relationships with people.

E is for going out of your way to support, inspire, motivate or embolden individuals.

V is for being a very good coach, mentor, and teacher.

E is for encouraging which is a developers favorite thing to do.

L is for the love of investing in others.

O if for being observant and others-oriented when supporting and challenging individuals.

P is for the patience required to be perceptive and notice progress.

E is for the eagle eye used to look for evidence of growth – a new behavior, a slight improvement in skill, or a glimpse of excellence.

R is for realizing that the “fuel” of a developer is helping people succeed, grow, and realize their potential in their unique way.