Perspective: It’s a Perfect Fit

– by Frazer Donahue

How do you make decisions?  How do you understand a new situation, deal with an issue or meet new people?  For me, it always comes back to Context.  Anytime I have a decision to make or I am faced with a new situation I have a need to understand what has happened previously before I can move forward.  My wife calls this procrastination and will sometimes become frustrated with me about the time it takes to make a decision, but I have to understand prior events or decisions in order to feel comfortable moving forward.  For me, the past provides perspective to the current situation.  Once I understand why things are the way they are I can then see a path to the desired future.  I can use the knowledge and answers I gain from the past to make choices that will lead to the preferred outcome.  The more information I have about the situation the more effective I become in my decision making.  As a person with a strong Context theme I have an ability to understand the link between where we have come from and where we want to go.  I often reflect on what has been done and why it was done which allows me to understand the reasons for the current situation, what could be improved on or done better and from there I can envision a path forward to reach the goal. 

There are a few things to be aware of when you have a strong Context theme.  To others, it may seem that you are constantly focused on the past and may be viewed as old fashioned or resistant to change.  You will need to explain to others that through your process of gathering information from the past it allows you to ground yourself in the facts and provides you with a platform from which to move forward.  Another would be that in new situations or meeting new people it may take some time to orient yourself and become comfortable as you collect the needed information to give yourself the context you need.  You need to give yourself this time to become comfortable but some may interpret this time as you being withdrawn or maybe even standoffish or rude.  Be open and engaging with the people in the situation as you collect the information to help alleviate their potential concerns. 

For me, I have always been drawn to understand the past.  I have always loved understanding and learning about the past, it always provided me with a strong understanding about why things are the way they are today. Now that I know my number one strength is Context I completely understand why I became a history teacher.  It is the perfect fit for me to share my love and understanding of the past to help others understand our world through a strong understanding of why the present is the way it is and how we can move forward to a brighter future.