People who are especially talented in the Responsibility theme take psychological ownership of what they say they will do. They are committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty.

– Gallup Inc.

Like Rock Your Strengths writer Carol Anne McGuire, I don’t believe that you have to look much further than Joseph as a biblical model for responsibility. Those with responsibility are dependable! So much so, that their psychological ownership can lead to burnout since they often say “yes” to too much. They can be counted on to help and they will not give up until the task is completed. Consider Joseph, he could have easily abandoned Mary. After all, the child she was carrying was not his. Instead, he loyally cared for her and ensured that even though humble, the Christ child was born sheltered, warmed, and loved.

Responsibilty falls under the executor theme. The responsibility strength means that you are accountable, conscientious, and independent. You like to work with others like you. You have little patience for slackers – those who do not meet deadlines or do careless work. You are likely to be a model of servant leadership but you need to be attentive about putting the needs of others ahead of your own. In the classroom, you are a model of professional practice. You know your curriculum, you plan well in advance, and your marking is done on time. You do not believe in going half-way – you will always meet your learners where they are at even if you need to make 90% of the effort.
Students who have responsibility as their strength might be those who are involved in everything. They might also experience stress and anxiety when working in groups to accomplish tasks. They will likely be those who study and prepare almost obsessively for exams. Teachers and parents can help by modelling and practicing time management and stress reduction strategies. These learners need to fully understand their strengths so that they develop knowledge of self. This will help them to make decisions based on what they value and what matters most to them.

Watch Pastor Bobby McGuire tell the story of Joseph as Responsibility: 


Joseph as Responsibility by Carol Anne McGuire